Mobile Complete (Pty) Ltd, established in 2007, is a South African based authorised Mobile Handset, Tablet and Consumer Electronics Distribution Company.

Mobile Complete is a South African founded and owned entity which also offers its customer base a fully scalable and comprehensive warehousing and logistical solution.

The company’s team is committed to service and supply excellence and has more than 35 years of combined telecommunication and IT experience resulting in superior technical and operational expertise.

This experience includes inter alia, shipping, importation, exportation, procurement, warehousing, distribution, sales and marketing of cellular handsets and accessories as well as IT and broadband products.


Competitive advantage

Mobile Complete’s competitive advantage is in its expert knowledge and understanding of the Mobile and Consumer Electronics industries.

The company is evolving on a continual basis and pays particular attention to its key areas of expertise. This is vital in order to keep abreast of the rapidly growing IT and telecommunication environments.

Mobile Complete is specifically set up to import, export, warehouse and distribute cellular handsets, tablets and consumer electronic components. The company has key relationships and agreements with importation, shipping, bulk transport and courier agents for the swift importation and distribution of products with exceptional turnaround times.

Mobile Completes key relationships enable it to deliver efficiently at a higher cost saving nature which is then passed on in the form of enhanced product pricing.



To become a leading distribution and logistics provider of quality branded technology in the Southern African regions to ultimately enhance and simplify the consumer’s lifestyle.


Mobile Complete’s mission is to offer superior value through:

• Commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships

• Dedication to offering the best quality products and services

• Flexible and competitive pricing



Mobile Complete

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